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This and That

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I feel like this week brought a lot of hope for me. Not only did it fly by but we had some warmer weather which got me excited for outdoor playdates and activities. I signed Penny up for dance after a year of not going and she was so happy.

What I'm Reading:

  • I finished Gabby Bernstein's book The Unvierse Has Your Back. I have a hard time reading anything other than fiction or non-fiction. Since starting my reiki training I've made it a priority to read spiritual books more often and I finally finished this. It was the first book I've read by Gabby and I really enjoyed it. I sometimes feel like the right books find you and this is what I needed right now. I'm eager to read others by her. Any favorites?

  • I finished listening to Majesty, which is the sequel to American Royals. I absolutely loved American Royals and this didn't live up to the first book but I enjoyed it overall. I find that I've been listening to books more than I'm physically reading them. With the kids home so much more and not much time to myself, I feel like I'm flying through books while listening to them. I do, however, miss reading an actual book and I'm going to try to make more time for that.

  • I just started listening to In a Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware and so far I'm very into it. I love her books.

Some articles I've read and enjoyed this week:

What My Kids Are Reading:

  • I've shared before that Penny loves the Little People, Big Dreams books and she has quite the collection right now. We've added Prince and Aretha Franklin recently and we've been reading those over and over.

  • Luke is reading the second book in the Good Dog book series. I think there are three total.

What We're Watching:

  • Ginny and Georgia has been our go-to show this week. It's light and dark - kind of reminds me a bit of

What I'm Wearing:

  • I never cared about socks until I bought some Bombas. They are so comfortable. I just got my first set of the no show socks and I love them. They are much better than the Peds I had been using. I also bought Luke a pair and he told me they're the most comfortable socks he's ever had.

  • One of my favorite brands is Sezane. I love everything that this French brand makes. This cardigan sweater is my go-to. I've had it for a year or two and wear it through almost every season. I have it in ecru but think I want to get it in grey as well. I this this, this, and this for spring.

  • I live for a white tee. I basically wear them all spring and summer. I just found this one by Monrow. It's loose and a bit longer and so comfortable. I love it. This tee is my absolute favorite though. It's expensive but I love the fit. It's perfect in my mind.

What My Kids Are Playing With:

  • I bought the kids this Easter craft set from Kid Made Modern. I love this brand for loose parts to create with. It comes with everything you need.

  • I gave Luke this Seasons crystal growing kit for Valentine's Day and we finally did it. It's really cool and so easy to do. All the pieces you need come in the kit.

What I'm Excited About:

  • We're heading to Storm King today. It's been on my list to visit for awhie and I'm excited to do something different outside with the family.

  • I am completing my reiki training this week. I'm currently in the process of finishing my den and turning it into a tranquil space where I can give reiki treatments. I'm really so happy that I've found reiki and taken this journey.

Random things:

  • I know everyone is talking about this but I love the Westman Atelier foundation stick. It looks and feels like skin but smoother. I use shade 1. I bought from Sephora because they have a great return policy so you can buy a few shades and return the ones that aren't right. I also love Ilia mascara. I literally wear those two products with Nars concealer and that's it these days.

  • This Simple Modern cup for water. It's so strange but I find I drink more water when I drink through a straw. I like how this one looks and it fits in my cupholder.

  • I bought a few of these baskets for Penny's bookshelf. They're so cute and are great for collecting all the random things in her room. Why do little girls have so many small things?

  • I just got these Lily Pulitzer reusable pool cups that The Fashion Magpie posted about. I'm channeling summer when I put a La Croix or my Goopglow in them. I feel like they'll be great to take to the beach this summer too.

Recent top sellers:

What's going on with you?

xo Kate

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