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This and That

*This post does contain affiliate links which means if you click and make a purchase, I make a commission.

This week started out slow but ended up being absolutely wonderful. Friday was my birthday and I felt so grateful for outpouring of love from friends and family. There's something about having a birthday in a pandemic that really makes you think about what's important in life.

What I'm Reading:

  • I read (listened to) The Alice Network this week. I really, really enjoyed it. I enjoy reading historical fiction and have read many WW2 novels. I found this one to be different and fascinating to learn of the actual Alice Network.

  • I'm still reading Big Magic. I read these types of books very slowly so I have a feeling I'll be reading it for the next week or so though I'm enjoying the subject matter.

  • I listened to The Family Upstairs which was my second book by Lisa Jewell. I liked it much better than the first even though it was a bit strange, but I think all her books are. The other book I've read by her is Then She Was Gone. The subject matter in that book was just so disturbing to me that I didn't really find it enjoyable.

Some articles I've read and enjoyed this week:

What My Kids Are Reading:

  • We took a trip to The Curious Reader which is a children's bookstore in a neighboring town. Luke picked out this chapter book from a new to us series and loved it. We just got the other two out of the library.

  • Penny and I have been reading Chrysanthemum over and over recently. It was my favorite book to read to my students when I taught first grade and Kevin Henkes is my favorite children's book author.

  • We just got Grumpy Monkey, which Dr. Becky recommended, and it's adorable. A story about how some days we're just grumpy - and that's okay.

What We're Watching:

  • The DIY network has become a go to on our TV thanks to Luke. Restoring Galveston is such a find. Scott and I started watching it with Luke and then started watching it on our own at night. We've finished both seasons and want more!

What I'm Wearing:

  • I haven't bought anything for myself from H&M in years. I bought myself this sweater and this one and I wore them both this week. Such good prices. And I think I'm going to order myself this blue button down for spring. If they don't last forever I'm okay with that. I also bought Penny a few things including this pack of shirts and this blue and white striped bathing suit. She had me return the bathing suit because "it's not her style" but I think they're super cute for great prices.

  • I bought this white tank top from Athleta and love it. I can tie it up during pilates if I need to but also will be great for walks on warmer days. I also got this pale pink tank that has ruching in the front which always helps. Plus it's tight enough for all of the pilates moves. The color pairs nicely with these blue leggings that are super soft. Also, going with workout gear I just got this Beyond Yoga cropped tank. I'm not someone who would wear that out of the house but it's really great with my at home Melissa Wood Health workouts. It's super easy to throw a sweatshirt over too if I'm going to run out.

What My Kids Are Playing With:

  • I ordered Penny another one of these Princess Style sets. The watch that she loves broke and she was besides herself over it. It would make a cute gift too. Maybe in Easter baskets?

  • We've been playing a lot of Spot It recently along with our go to Animal Act.

What I'm Excited About:

  • I'm starting my Reiki 2 training tomorrow. That means I will be able to practice on other people when I'm finished with the training. I love this journey I've been on. Through my reiki and spiritual journey I've really gotten into oracle cards. This set by Gabrielle Bernstein and this Moonology set are my favorites. I sit quietly and use my intuition to find the right card for me for that day or for a specific question I have. It brings me a lot of peace.

Random things:

  • I was just talking to a bunch of friends about the effects of aging. I told them I just ordered this neck cream by Revision that I'm hoping slows down the aging on my neck (the area that will always show your age). I also love this lip gloss from Revision. It's supposed to help with fine lines and collagen too. It's super sticky but stays on my lips and actually looks really pretty.

  • I bought this Ikea stool from Amazon for our kitchen. It's a bit higher than the Serena and Lily ones we have. I love it because it's super lightweight and the kids can carry it around the kitchen easily with the handle on the top.

What's going on with you?

xo Kate

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