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This week was quite an emotional one for me. Between both my kids' birthdays (7 and 5!) and the inauguration, I feel like my emotions were on overdrive. I need a spa or a vacation - or both!

What I'm Reading:

  • I finished listening to 28 Summers. I really enjoy Elin Hildebrand books for a getaway read. 28 Summers was a bit more intense for me and was definitely sad, which I don't love in her books. However, I still enjoyed it.

  • I also listened to The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis. I found the story of the Barbizon Hotel to be super interesting and I went down a Google rabbit hole trying to read as much as I could about it. This Vanity Fair article gave a great glimpse.

  • I'm reading Writers and Lovers now but am having a hard time getting into it though I've heard good things.

What My Kids Are Reading:

  • Luke is still reading the Who Would Win? book series . I need to get him into some fiction books. If anyone has a recommendation for someone who almost strictly reads nonfiction, let me know.

  • Penny has been obsessed with this book E is for Easter for almost a year now. She received it for Easter one year from my mom but the book has nothing to do with Easter. Each page focuses on a different letter and a Disney movie. There are flaps to lift and letters to trace on each page.

  • We also read Kamala Harris's children's book, Superheroes are Everywhere. I was honestly surprised by how good it was.

What We're Watching:

  • We've been watching all the trash reality TV. I've caught up on all my Housewives and Southern Charm and have just started Bling Empire. It's crazy!

What I'm Wearing:

  • I'm obsessed with this monochrome Alo set that I bought a few weeks ago. The leggings have a bit of shine to them so they're a lot of fun and the sweatshirt is super soft and cozy.

  • I recently got this J Crew striped tissue turtleneck that I love. I was surprised with how much I like the color combination.

What My Kids Are Playing With:

  • Luke has been doing Legos all week. He received so many sets for his birthday and now our dining room table has been overtaken by Legos. He also got this rocketship Magnatile set from my in-laws and they've been a fun change from his regular Magnatiles.

  • Penny loves the Mudpuppy USA puzzle. We do it a few times a week in our house. She received some Dreamtopia Barbies that she's been loving as well.

What I'm Excited About:

  • I am doing my reiki training this coming week. I have been on a spiritual journey for about a year or two now and I really love reiki. My good friend Nicole is a reiki master and she is teaching reiki 1 which will allow me to do reiki on myself. I am looking forward to seeing where this will take me.

  • I booked the Magician at the Nomad virtually! I saw him in person a few years ago with friends and it was incredible. Hoping this is just as good.

Random things:

  • This set of cards has been amazing for dinners as a family.

  • My mom gave me a facial steamer for Christmas. I am obsessed! Since I don't know the next time I'll be visiting a spa, this helps me at least imagine I'm there (with a barking dog and yelling kids in the background). I've been trying to use it 1-2 times a week.

  • Some beauty products I'm loving: Wander Beauty eye masks, Clarins double serum (which a friend of mine with beautiful skin has sworn by for years), and this Revision Skincare lip replenisher.

  • I have finally been able to meditate. The Headspace app has been really wonderful for me. The Basics 1 course has 10 sessions that were only 4 minutes each. I was able to feel successful with those small numbers. I just started Basics 2 and it's up to 11 minutes each but I've found that I'm able to do it which I"m really proud of.

Tell me what's going on with you.

xo Kate

*Some links are affiliate links and I earn a small commission.

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