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This and That

This week was hard. We all felt it. The events that occurred in the Capitol on Wednesday were so sad and disheartening. As a parent, an American, and a human I was so upset to see what played out in front of our eyes. I can only hope that the next generation is learning to love instead of hate and that hopefully we can heal this country.

This week I started taking the kids and Maggie on morning walks. Between Luke's school going all virtual for a few weeks and the cold weather I'm finding the kids want to go outside less and less. I think it starts the day off on the right foot when we all take a quick, refreshing walk.

What I'm Reading:

- I just finished Goodnight, Beautiful. I listened to it on my app. I love and hate listening to thrillers because I don't want to stop listening to them and therefore feel like I am always half listening to people when I have one Airpod in. It was a quick listen and had a few twists I didn't see coming.

- I'm going to start Red at the Bone next which is our Hello Pumpkin Book Club pick this month. I hope you're joining me!

- I'm also reading chapters here and there from The Universe Has Your Back which is my first Gabrielle Bernstein book.

What My Kids Are Reading:

- Luke is loving the Who Would Win? book series these days. He likes nonfiction and can read these himself.

- Penny has been asking for Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming most nights before bed. She also loves Nibbles the Book Monster.

What We're Watching:

- After finishing Bridgerton, we started Virgin River. Already on season 2 and I'm obsessed. It's so good. I kind of want to move there.

What I'm Wearing:

- I have been living in loungewear and athletic clothes these days. Varley has become my new favorite sweatshirt brand. They look more pulled together than other sweatshirts and aren't too heavy. I feel put together if I put one on with leggings. I have had this one and lived in it and I just bought this one and have a feeling it will be worn just as much. This is on my list to buy next!

- I got these Lake pajamas for Christmas and they are so comfortable. I get so hot at night so like the shorts with the long sleeved shirt. They just came out with a colorway with hearts on them that are sold out already! Hoping for a restock.

- I bought these North Face mittens for those morning walks with Maggie. Super cozy.

What My Kids Are Playing With:

- Penny has been obsessed with Rush Hour Jr. lately. She is so excited that she can do the "easy" cards independently. We've also been drawing with our Ooly gel sticks a lot.

What I'm Excited About:

- Ski lessons! We started ski lessons again for the kids at a small ski hill nearby. We usually go up to Vermont in the winter and they do ski lessons there but this year is obviously different.

- Also, I'm getting reiki certified! A dear friend of mine recently started on her spiritual journey and has become a reiki instructor. I really love reiki and am excited to get started on this journey as well.

Random things:

- I love the Olive and June manicure and pedicure sets. I've been using them to do my nails at home. They make it so much easier and they have great colors. I just bought their dry drops and they're so helpful when you give a manicure at home.

- I started meditating this week and really hope to make it a daily habit. I downloaded the Heaspace app and find it really easy to follow along with.

Tell me what's going on with you. Hope you have a great weekend!

xo Kate

*Some links are affiliate links and I earn a small commission.

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