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Our Favorite STEM Toys

I'd say the STEM toys we have are the ones that get played with the most in our house. And they're almost all good for independent play which is something that I need a lot more these days.

Magnatiles - These are the number one toy we've invested in. Yes, they're expensive. But they're so good. Luke started playing with them at age 2 or 3 and is still playing with them at 7. We have bought and been gifted multiple sets over the years and now have a good number of them. When I need a break I give my kids a "Magnatiles challenge" to build something - our house, the school, Elsa's castle - and they love it. We've added this house set which includes stairs and doors, these cars , and this freestyle set which allow the pieces to go in different directions.

Gravity Maze - This is part marble run and part logic game. It includes cards with different challenges that gradually get more difficult. It says ages 8 and up but I think depending on your child they can start doing it as early as 5.

Marble Run - A great classic toy. My kids like to do this together. We've had ours for years and they love to play with it whenever I pull it out.

Rush Hour Jr. - A fun logic game. Penny is so proud of herself when she solves one of the challenges. It's similar to the Gravity Maze in that the challenges range from easy to hard.

Snap Circuits - Luke was gifted this set and really loves it. The pieces snap together to create real electrical circuits.

Keva Structures - These are basic wooden planks but they have endless possibilities. They can be used to build buildings, towers, roads, city, anything.

Wooden Story blocks - We love this block set. The colors and shapes are great for little kids on up to older kids. I love that there's a box that everything fits perfectly into.

Duplos and Legos - The most classic toy. Duplos are a great way to start with younger kids and as they get older they can graduate to Legos.

Kiwi Crate - We LOVE these subscription boxes. Luke gets the Kiwi Crate and Penny gets the Koala Crate. Each box comes with activities that they can do with or without helped based around a specific theme. I think they are definitely worth the money. Would make great gifts too.

Any that your kids like that I'm missing? We're always looking to add more.

xo Kate

*Links are affiliate links and I earn a small percentage of purchases made through them.

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