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Our Favorite Easter Books

I love a holiday that we can form traditions around. Most of my traditions go back to my childhood but I do love making new ones too. One tradition that I've started and do with every holiday is have a stack of holiday books that only comes out for each holiday. We put them away for the rest of the year and a few weeks before we take them out and add them to our book basket in the playroom. The kids and I both get excited to see some of the books that we haven't read in a whole year. These are our favorites:

Easter Bugs - a cute lift the flap book that toddlers love!

The Velveteen Rabbit - not an Easter book but I include bunny books with my Easter stack. I always loved this sweet, classic story.

Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny! - my kids love the Duck & Goose books and this short little one is great for Easter

Llama Llama Easter Egg - cute Easter book for little Llama Llama fans

Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs? - my kids have always been fan of Karen Katz lift-the-flap books. This cute Easter book is no exception

It's Not Easy Being a Bunny - another bunny book. This is a cute one about a bunny who wants to be any animal other than a bunny. My kids think it's pretty funny!

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure - we're also big Pete the Cat fans in our house and we love this Easter edition

The Classic Tale of Peter Rabbit - another classic bunny book that's appropriate for kids who can sit for longer stories

The Easter Egg - this is probably my favorite of all the Easter books we have. I think Jan Brett can do no wrong and I absolutely love all her books. This is a great story with gorgeous illustrations.

Easter - a cute touch and feel Easter book for babies

Pat the Bunny - this classic touch and feel book is great to put in Easter baskets

Hoppy Easter!!

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