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My week consisted of hours and hours online trying to get my parents appointments for the Covid vaccine. When the governor announced on Wednesday that those 65 and older and anyone with underlying conditions are eligible in NJ for the vaccine, everyone here seemed to go on a wild goose hunt trying to get those appointments and there weren't many to be had. I was finally successful late Friday afternoon and was able to take a breath.

What I'm Reading:

- I finished Red at the Bone. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous book. I loved it! I hope you're all reading with me and I can't wait to discuss it at the end of the month.

- I listened to Oprah's audiobook of The Path Made Clear. It was a 2 hour listen and felt like I was listening to her podcast. I really enjoyed it and the focus of finding your purpose felt like it was written especially for me. I'm sure a few of you can relate to that as well.

- I also started listening to 28 Summers by Elin Hildebrand. A friend of mine told me about the Libby app and I was so happy to hear I can take out audiobooks from the library because they really add up. This one has been good so far.

What My Kids Are Reading:

- Luke is still reading the Who Would Win? book series but also has been very into Everything Awesome About Sharks and Everything Awesome About Dinosaurs. If you have a nonfiction reader or someone who likes sharks or dinosaurs, these books are great!

- I just bought Grumpy Monkey as recommended by Dr. Becky (who if you don't follow on Instagram you need to). She also recommended The Rabbit Listened which we have and I've featured before as one of my absolute favorite picture books.

What We're Watching:

- We finished Virgin River and to say I love that series is an understatement. Anyone else want to move there with me? Now we're at a loss for what to watch. Any recommendations?

What I'm Wearing:

- Since I've mentioned I live in workout gear these days, I just bought a new set that I love. It's from the brand Summersalt, which I only knew for its bathing suits. I bought these leggings and this matching sports bra. It fits so well, is flattering, and very comfortable. The matching jacket is beyond cute as well. I think I'm going to buy the pajamas next. I've heard great things about them.

- I just found a pair of Ugg slippers that aren't sold out. I had been living in my Amazon slides but they weren't warm enough for those really cold days in my house (it's an old house). Well I guess there was a restock on these Ugg scuffette slippers and I love them!

- I use Trunk Club regularly and they sent me this pair of Mother jeans that I love. They fit well and are so soft and comfortable. I've changed into jeans only twice this week and I've put these on both time.

What My Kids Are Playing With:

- My kids got their Kiwi Crates this week so we have been putting together all that they come with. They love these kits. Honestly I have to tell them we can't do them the moment we arrive or they'd be ripping into the box immediately.

What I'm Excited About:

- I don't know if excited is the word but both my kids birthdays are next week. I've been planning birthday zoom parties, birthday parades, and little things to make the days special.

- My parents are getting the first Covid vaccine this week. We see my parents all the time. They're in our "pod" and since they are, we are extremely careful. Hopefully this will ease a little bit of my Covid anxiety.

Random things:

- I love this Living Libations oil face cleanser. I get hormonal acne and it has helped tremendously. It's become so popular that it sold out on Amazon for a bit. I think because a Kardashian said she uses it.

- I've also been using this Algenist lip collagen. I put it on in the morning and before bed. I layer this over it during the day and this at night when it dries. So far I haven't had any chapped lips this winter and I do think the color in them has been better.

- I got a set of Airpods Pro for Christmas this year. They help so much when listening to my podcasts or audiobooks. I usually put one Airpod in when I'm washing dishes, folding laundry, etc. Though this week Maggie got a hold of one of them so now I only have a left Airpod that works. Oh Maggie.

Tell me what's going on with you. Hope you have a great weekend!

xo Kate

*Some links are affiliate links and I earn a small commission.

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