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Our Favorite Backyard Toys

Yay!! Warm weather! With that comes plenty of outdoor time around here. These are some of our favorite toys to keep the kids busy and mama happy.

Water Table - This is probably one of our most used toys in the summer. It's great to take out on hot days and for playdates. My kids love bringing out their Matchbox cars and making a carwash.

Sprinkler - A must for hot days.

Kid Kraft Picnic Table - My kids love dining al fresco with this table. Plus, it's so adorable. I mean, it kind of matches our outdoor furniture.

aLittle Tikes Cozy Coupe - This car is a classic. It's perfect for toddlers but kid kids seem to love it too.

Chalk - Another great thing to take out during playdates or anytime really. I love the colors of the big Crayola set.

Bubble Machine - All kids love bubbles. Put this on in the backyard and keep your kids happy. I love this particular machine because it takes batteries so you can basically put it anywhere.

Sand Table - I like this table better than a sand box because it's easy to close up and move around. The kids love playing with sand and it's a great sensory experience.

Scooter - This is a great first scooter. Make sure to get a helmet too!

Adirondack Chair - These chairs are adorable and perfect for little ones.

What are your kids' favorite outdoor toys?

xo Kate

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