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March Book Club Review: Where the Crawdads Sing

Ahhh, this book! I feel like this book checked all the boxes for me: pulled at my heart strings, included a mystery, had a surprise ending, and had a setting that at times took my breath away.

I devoured Where the Crawdads Sing. It was one of those books that I found so hard to put down and I snuck in a few pages every chance I could get. As soon as it began, I fell in love with the beautiful writing and the amazing imagery that Delia Owens painted. The scene of her mother walking away was just heart-wrenching and overwhelmingly sad. As a mother, I couldn't understand what Kya's mother was going through. And then to think at such a young age she was left to fend for herself in the wild marshland. It had me thinking of my own 5 year old and that just added another level of ache for me.

I found the description of the marshland that Kya grew up in to be so beautiful as well. I loved the bond that Kya formed with nature. It almost became her family when she didn't have any.

I enjoyed the mystery and found that it added another layer to the story that made it even more compelling to read. Did I think Kya did it? I don't know. I wavered the entire time. I've discussed this with a few friends and have heard that many thought Tate or Jumpin killed Chase. I didn't think it was them because they both loved Kya so much I don't think they would've let her go on trial for something they did. I think Kya's interest in female insects and their mating process was a bit of a giveaway to me. Overall, I was happy Kya killed him. She brought justice on herself in an era and an area that I don't think would have given Kya the justice she deserved if she hadn't. What do you think?

Also, the poems felt kind of like an oversight in my opinion. I kind of skipped over them throughout the book and the revelation that Kya was the author didn't really do anything for me. But honestly now I'm just nitpicking.

Overall, I loved fell in love with the book. I fell in love with Kya. With the North Carolina marshlands. With Tate and Jumpin and Jumpin's wife. With the idea that Kya was so resilient and so strong that she was able to have and enjoy a truly beautiful life.

And I'm so excited to announce Hello Pumpkin's April book club pick - Pachinko. I know it's not a new book but I am currently reading it and I love it. Also, I'm going to a luncheon with the author this week through my local library (yipee!). I can't wait to get some good information to share with all of you!

xo Kate

Some Crawdads questions for you:

  • If Where the Crawdads sing became a movie, who would play Kya? Chase? Tate?

  • Were you surprised by the ending that Kya killed Chase? What about that Kya was the author of the poems?

  • After finding out why Kya's mother left Kya and why she didn't come back, did that change how you felt about her at all?

  • How do you feel about the fact that all of Kya's siblings left her and didn't take her with them?

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