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Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

These are some of our favorite art supplies when we get creative. All would make great gifts!

Roll paper - we love to tape this to the floor or the wall and just create. Also fun to use to trace each other.

Arts and Crafts Library - this box has EVERYTHING in it for kids to be creative. We've had it for years and still have a lot of supplies left.

Watercolor journal set - we picked this set up at a small shop in Cold Spring, NY. We were told they are "special" watercolors - and they really are. They come with a watercolor pen which is great for minimal mess.

Rock crayons - these crayons are just plain fun!

Watercolor paper - I think this paper is the best for painting with watercolors.

Watercolor markers - this set of markers is expensive but it has so many colors and they draw beautifully. My kids reach for these the most when coloring.

Ooly Paint Sticks - we love all things Ooly and these paint sticks have been a favorite for years. They're great to draw on the roll paper with.

Watercolor palette - this palette has so many colors that kids can create anything they want.

Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons - another Ooly product. These are great for exactly that - rainy days when kids are stuck inside. They can draw all they want on the windows and it washes off.



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