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Easter Basket Treats

As I've gotten older, I look forward more and more to Easter. Whether it's the warmer weather, adorable outfits, or fun Easter egg hunts with kids, I've started love all things Easter. I've begun collecting things for Easter baskets and these are some I'm doing this year or have done in the past.

1. Tiny Polka Dot - I love this little math game! There are 16 different variations that can be played with the cards and they're good for ages 3-8.

2. Sunglasses - My kids can never have enough sunglasses in summer. I'll be getting these for Penny and these for Luke.

3. Little Feminist book set - Penny loves this little set of books. They're the perfect size for an Easter basket.

4. Crazy Crayon - My kids use this crayon all the time. Truth be told, I love it too!

5. Ooly Sparkle Crayons - These sparkle crayons on used regularly and would fit perfectly in Easter baskets.

6. Jellycat Bunny - Every Easter basket needs a bunny and I love the Jellycat ones. The floral print in the ears is so perfect for spring.

7. Stacking cups - A staple for babies and toddlers. We love them in the bath and pool as well so great to get before summer.

8. Egg Shaped Chalk - My kids need new chalk every spring and I love these egg shaped ones for Easter baskets.

9. Hide and Squeak Eggs - Another great staple for babies and toddlers.

10. Maileg Mouse - Penny loves these little mice and has a collection of them. She'll be getting a few more in her basket this year.

11. Natives - Both my kids live in Natives in the spring and summer. Easter is the perfect time to get a new pair.

12. Easter Lego Set - Luke loves Legos and since this cute little set has an Easter theme it'll be in his basket this year.

13. Play-Doh Eggs - Love the cute little egg shapes.

A few more things I'm adding:

Penny - Little People Big Dreams book (since she's obsessed with them), Maileg baby bunny (to add to her mice collection)

Luke - Tegu blocks (to add to his collection) , Magic Tree House books (so he can continue with the adventures of Jack and Annie)

What are you putting in Easter baskets this year? I'd love a few more ideas!

xo Kate

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