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Best 2020 Amazon Purchases

This is such a random post but I love seeing what other people buy from Amazon. I also love those posts about what's in her purse. I think it's part nosiness and part always find the next thing that I "need". In the off chance that anyone else is interested in the same, I rounded up my favorite 2020 purchases from Amazon.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes - I love taking baths and started using these ever since a friend turned me onto them. They're very calming plus there are so many benefits to a magnesium bath. My kids love them too. Every once in a while I add "crystals" to their bath along with a few drops of essential oils for an extra special soak.

The Laundress Bleach Alternative - I love this stuff. If any of our clothes have a stain that I know my beloved Oxi-Clean spray just won't cut it with, I soak it in a wash basin with the bleach alternative. Then throw it in the washing machine. It almost always does the trick. I will also add a capful or two to the washing machine when things are extra dirty.

Oxo Cereal Containers - I switched out all of our cereal boxes and put the cereal in these containers. So much better. I also use one to store Maggie's food.

Frozen kids gloves - My kids are always losing their gloves. This Frozen set comes with 4 pairs so we (hopefully) don't run out this winter.

Slip scrunchies - I love these. I have a lot of thick hair and these do the trick.

Over Door Organizer - I needed an easy way to store all the masks we've been accumulating. This holds all of them (and more) in our front hall closet.

Notepads - I bought these smaller white lined notepads for everyday use. I use them to jot grocery lists, to-dos, everything and anything. Scott uses these as well.

Kids Swim Bubble - Penny got to the age this summer where she didn't want to wear her puddle jumpers anymore yet she couldn't swim without them. I remembered a friend told me about this swim bubble. It's great because as the kids get better at swimming you can decrease the support.

Pens - I love these pens and I'm kind of picky about pens. It's a plus that they're pretty.

Foot measuring device - Since we're not going into stores these days and ordering all our shoes online, this has helped me figure out the kids' sizes.

Waffle stick maker - This inexpensive waffle stick maker has been super fun for breakfast or when we do breakfast for dinner.

Saucer swing - The kids have loved this. We attached to our swingset and they love playing on it with each other and with friends.

Exercise Bands - These exercise bands are the best. I have a few different brands and these are the ones that I feel have the most resistance. Great for the at-home workouts these days.

What are some of your favorite Amazon purchases from the past year?

xo Kate

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